The protagonists

Prof. Frank Vermeulen

“History of a revealed  Landscape – Potentia and Potenza valley in Roman times” an innovative project to valorize the territory through the cultural skills produced by Frank Vermeulen & Potenza Valley Survey Team, University of Gent (Belgium) and 7Reasons (Vienna) in collaboration with the Municipality of Porto Recanati.

The project is articulated in an archaeological exhibition of international prominence and historical-archeological divulgation directed at the public, especially the young.

An extraordinary cultural and emotional journey based on the results of 20 years of research carried out by the Department of Archeology of the University of Gent and coordinated by Professor Frank Vermeulen, involving the Roman colony of Potentia (Porto Recanati) and the civitates of Septempeda (San Severino Marche), Trea (Treia) and Ricina (Macerata, Villa Potenza).

An intense work that has brought to light an awesome amount of new evidence and data that clarify the impact ofRromanization on the landscapes of the Potenza valley, an important communication corridor between the Apennines and the Adriatic.

Partners of the initiative, institutions such as the region Marche  and Marche Museums, the University of Gent, the Academia Belgica in Rome, the Belgian Science Policy , the FWO Research Foundation Flanders, De Krook, scientific service providers such as Ante Quem, Dia Cultura Foundation , and the world renowned company iGuzzini.