The archaeological exhibition

Potentia, an important archaeological site in  ​​Porto Recanati, is the brightest of the jewels of the archaeological exhibition “History of a revealed landscape – Potentia and the Potenza valley in Roman times”, which will take place between May 2017 and February  in three separate locations: The Academia Belgica in Rome, The Castello Svevo in Porto Recanati, the city of Ghent in Belgium.

Through archaeological finds, 3D reconstructions and the fascinating reconstruction of nearly 20 years of research, the exhibition will provide a rich and detailed picture of the impact of Romanization on the Potenza valley, a picture that culminates in the excavations of the important Roman colony of Potentia, in ​​Porto Recanati Man-made transformations of the  landscape, cultural interaction between Romans, Piceni and other populations in the Valle del Potenza area become testimonials of the progress of archaeological research and of their potential for enhancing and promoting cultural landscapes.

The exhibition integrates the acquisitions obtained with state-of-the-art tools with what has been identified through traditional systems such as excavation, monumental analysis, epigraphic research, historical-artistic analysis conducted on the best preserved monumental monuments in the valley, statuary, architectural decoration, and objects of common use.