For the organizers, the municipality of Porto Recanati and Professor Frank Vermeulen, it is crucial to activate a publicity project with the direct involvement of young people.

In addition to guided tours, collaboration with the directions of the Comprehensive Institutes and teachers will be initiated through the insertion of a laboratory for the entire POF of Primary and Secondary Primary Schools of municipalities interested in archaeological research, in particular:

“Urbi et orbi”: a laboratory reserved for the 3rd to 5th grade of the Primary School

Set on the issues of anthropization and the blind destruction of the territory. It is a very topical issue that children face (not always consciously) with the study of ecosystems and early civilizations (from homo habilis to romans). In collaboration with waste cycle operators, the laboratory will be associated with awareness raising on non-waste and on the differentiation of waste collection.

Technical laboratory

Taken from the Roman-era building used as “quarry” in the later epochs the boys will turn into toys of everyday use

For the Secondary Secondary School, two projects are planned:

“History in the Clouds”

It is a multidisciplinary course of history, science and mathematics that captures the elements of assonance / dissonance in the intra and extra school experience of a teenager between the 2nd century BC. And today (eg memory paths from oral sources to cloud, from the Roman calculation system to binary code, etc.)

“September Impressions”

It is a writing workshop, theatrical expression and video. Participants will write a short story after the guided tour of the city of Potentia and all the stories will be published. A story for each Participating Comprehensive Institute, selected by a special jury, will be screened and produced.

Instruments and programs for lower and higher schools are now available. We ask the teachers to write to us for any synergies.